Mini Guides

Mini Guides

not-so-mini guides on a wide array of topics

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Welcome to our not-so-mini "Mini Guides" - compact guides on all kinds of topics, ranging from a packing list for Iceland to how to easier get out of bed in the morning to gift ideas for all kinds of occasions. We are constantly putting together new lists, compiling our favorite camping gear, make-up products, and other stuff we are extremely passionate about. If you are in need of an idea of what to give your bestie for Christmas or your outdoor-nut fiancé for his birthday - we might have a recommendation or two!

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Gift guide for best friends, gift ideas best friend, what to give my best friend for christmas, present ideas christmas, gifting ideas christmas, gift guide christmas, gift guide birthday, gift guides, dear heima

Gift guide for best friends – books, matching stuff and more

Gift guide for beauty lovers, beauty products recommendations, what to give someone who is into beauty stuff, care products gift ideas, gifting ideas christmas, gifting inspiration christmas, gift ideas christmas, best natural cosmetic products, natural cosmetic gift ideas, dear heima

Gift guide for beauty lovers – our favorite care products for body and hair

gift guide for foodies, gift ideas foodie, what can i give to someone who likes to cook, what to give to someone who likes to bake, christmas gift ideas, gifting ideas, present suggestions, present ideas, gift guide, dear heima

Gift guide for foodies – kitchen ware, utensils & more

Gift guide for travel enthusiasts, what do give to travel lovers, gift ideas for travel lovers, gift ideas for travelers, what to give to travelers, gift guides, gifting ideas travel, gift ideas travel, christmas present inspiration, gift ideas, gifting inspiration, dear heima

Gift guide for travel enthusiasts – books, gear, gadgets & more

perfect morning routine, how to find my perfect morning routine, tips for a perfect morning routine, how to get up earlier, getting up earlier, morning beauty products, perfect start into the day, how to start my day, morning routine, why having a morning routine, healthy breakfast, quick breakfast ideas, healthy and delicious breakfast, copper coffee machine, copper french press

Find YOUR perfect morning routine – 7 tips for an amazing dayspring

camping gear recommendations, what do i need for camping, everything i need for camping, good camping gear, camping items recommendations, good camping items, what do i need to bring camping

Camping gear recommendations for a perfect stay in the wilderness

iceland packing list, what to pack for iceland, packing for iceland, what to wear in iceland, what clothes to wear in iceland, what should i wear in iceland, what to pack for winter in iceland, what to pack for summer in iceland, packing list iceland summer, packing list iceland winter

Iceland packing list summer/winter plus free printable checklists

gift guide for outdoor lovers, what to give someone who likes being outdoors, gifting ideas for outdoor lovers, gifting ideas for outdoor enthusiasts, gifting ideas christmas, gifting ideas camping, christmas presents inspiration, gift guide outdoor presents

Gift guide for outdoor lovers – books, gear, gadgets & more

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Dear Heima